Second Citizenship Articles
Benefits of Second Citizenship

Citizenship and national identity are shifting in a global zing world. An increasing number of people carry second passport or multiple nationalities and affluent citizens’ travel, study and work in multiple lands. Mass migration means that the poor as well as the rich have ties to more than one nation. What does citizenship mean when passports for many countries can be purchased outright and some people even hold elected office in more than one country simultaneously? Clearly, citizenship and national identity are changing -- a sign that the nation states is itself in flux as an "imagined community."

Citizenship for Sale
What is dual citizenship? Basically, it is exactly what it sounds like. It means that you are a legal, full resident of more than one country. Multiple nationalities or citizenship is a status in which a person is concurrently regarded as a citizen under the laws of more than one country. Multiple citizenships exist because different countries use different, and not necessarily mutually exclusive, citizenship requirements.
Dominica Citizenship
In the 1990s, Colombia, the Dominican Republic, Ecuador, Costa Rica, and Brazil passed dual citizenship laws granting their expatriates the right to naturalize in the receiving country without losing their nationality of origin.The effects of these new laws on naturalization rates and labor market outcomes in the United States are estimated based on data from the 1990 and 2000 U.S. censuses. According to the data it is clear that immigrants recently granted dual nationality rights are more likely to naturalize relative to immigrants from other Latin American countries.
Citizenship for Wealth Management
Significant part of our citizenship clients who subsequently want to change the normal residency are wealthy individuals (mainly Americans, Western Europeans or citizens of other high tax countries), who want to save on their tax payments, obtain citizenship for tax planning, enhance their privacy and confidentiality of their affairs and enjoy the good weather and climate all year round at the same time.
Application for Second Citizenship
Traditionally, countries have used one of three general means to recognize their citizens: “right of the territory” means you’re a citizen of Country because you were born there, “right of blood” indicates you’re a citizen because one or both of your parents are, or you can successfully complete a naturalization process. That said, the application for citizenship and nationality have always been a bit more complicated than that, and are becoming more and more complex as the world shrinks into a global culture and economy.
Second Passport
A passport is a legal document that identifies the person as a citizen of that particular country; thereby confirming its identity and validity to travel worldwide. Nowadays, smart business travelers prefer to have a second passport from a specific country that offers multiple benefits at a reasonable price.
Second Citizenship
Today, many people seek second citizenship for both personal and professional goals. It is essentially a status bestowed a person; that simultaneously consider them as a legal citizen of another nation. One can also obtain a second citizenship through a monetary investment in a certain countries like St. Kitts, Austria, Dominica and Cyprus.
Visa Free Travel
Second Citizenship Ltd. provides excellent, affordable and customized solutions to worldwide customers to achieve second nationality for a reasonable fee in a short period; that will help you for visa free travel to United Kingdom, Switzerland and the European Union.
Nationality for Sale
The concept of nationality for sale has emerged in certain small countries and cash-strapped nations such as The Commonwealth of Dominica; since they regularly seek different sources to increase the state revenue and overcome their economic crisis.
Economic Citizenship
Nowadays, there is a trend of implementing economic citizenship programs in certain countries to strengthen their economy. These programs offer optimum value for your money and several benefits such as: privilege to travel overseas, avail tax exemptions, acquire financial assets and property.