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Navigating the path to a second residency is a breeze with Kraemer & Kraemer. Explore the benefits of the Qualified Investor Visa in Panama, where simplicity meets tailored solutions, backed by our proven track record.

About Kraemer & Kraemer

Established in 2008 and proudly registered at the Law Firm’s Register List of the Supreme Court of Justice of Panama, Kraemer & Kraemer has evolved into a legal powerhouse.

We specialize in Business, Tax, Real Estate, Immigration Law, Asset Protection, and Trademark Registration. Beyond personal and corporate services in Panama, Kraemer & Kraemer extends its expertise to offshore services in various jurisdictions.

About Panama

Panama stands as the fastest-growing economy in Latin America, fueled by a US-based economic model. With a thriving expat community, Panama boasts a government that is not only business-friendly but also offers tax incentives through a territorial tax system.

Qualified Investor Visa

Panama presents an array of residency visas, and the Qualified Investor Visa, often hailed as the red carpet visa, stands out as one of the fastest residency programs globally. In just 1 month, applicants can secure permanent residency with one of the following investment options:

  • Minimum investment of USD 300,000 in real estate (increasing to USD 500,000 in October)
  • Minimum investment of USD 500,000 in the Panamanian stock market
  • Minimum investment of USD 750,000 in a fixed deposit held in a Panamanian bank account

Why Choose Kraemer & Kraemer

Proven Success

With a history of successful Qualified Investor Visa applications, Kraemer & Kraemer is a reliable partner in your journey towards Panamanian residency.

Tailored Solutions

We understand that each client is unique. Our personalized approach ensures that your residency strategy aligns with your financial goals and long-term plans.

Transparent Process

Kraemer & Kraemer prioritizes transparency, ensuring clients are informed at every step of the residency journey.

Diverse Jurisdictional Reach

Beyond Panama, our expertise extends to offshore services in various jurisdictions, providing clients with a global perspective.

Meet the Team

Marcos Kraemer – Founding Partner

Marcos Kraemer, a legal luminary, founded Kraemer & Kraemer in 2008. With extensive expertise in Panama’s legal landscape, Marcos leads the team with a commitment to excellence and client satisfaction.

Guillermo Archilla – International Associate

Guillermo Archilla, an accomplished international associate, brings a wealth of legal knowledge to Kraemer & Kraemer. His global perspective enhances our ability to cater to diverse client needs.

Carlos Quintero – Offshore Associate

As an offshore associate, Carlos Quintero specializes in navigating the complexities of offshore services. His expertise contributes to expanding Kraemer & Kraemer’s reach beyond Panama’s borders.

Lorena Bristan – Immigration Expert

Lorena Bristan, a dedicated paralegal and immigration expert, plays a crucial role in ensuring seamless immigration processes. Her in-depth knowledge enhances the efficiency of our immigration services.

Nilsa Gonzalez – Client Services

Nilsa Gonzalez leads client services, ensuring a smooth and personalized experience for Kraemer & Kraemer’s valued clients. Her commitment to client satisfaction is integral to our success.

How To Get Started

Embark on your Panamanian residency journey seamlessly with Kraemer & Kraemer. Start by scheduling a consultation to discuss your goals. Submit essential documents for our team to craft a tailored strategy. We guide you through visa selection and manage the application process, keeping you informed. Celebrate residency approval and enjoy ongoing support.

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