At PROVEN Bank, we invite you to break free from ordinary banking. With a promise of better service, better rewards, and better fees, we ensure that your life and finances move forward seamlessly when you choose to bank with us.

PROVEN Group Limited stands as a prominent figure in the Caribbean financial landscape. With a diverse investment portfolio spanning wealth management, banking services, properties, and private capital, we are recognized as a leading investment company. Our strategic focus revolves around income and growth, aiming to deliver value to our investors while fostering economic prosperity throughout the region.

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Our strategy is multifaceted and aims for both stability and growth. Here’s a closer look:

Core Investments in Financial Services

Our primary focus lies in a diverse portfolio of financial services, spanning banking and wealth management companies. Operating across the Caribbean, including key territories like Jamaica, Cayman, St. Lucia, Bermuda, and the British Virgin Islands, we ensure strategic coverage within the region’s financial landscape.

Real Estate Ventures with PROVEN Properties

In addition to financial services, PROVEN extends its investments into the real estate sector. PROVEN Properties oversees a spectrum of real estate ventures, ranging from residential to commercial developments. Our portfolio of commercial rental properties contributes to stable and consistent returns, providing a solid foundation for our investment strategy.

Creating Value through Diversification

At PROVEN, we’re committed to enhancing value and diversifying opportunities for our shareholders. This involves a proactive approach to identifying and securing positions in both private and publicly traded equity and debt within established companies. Our investments extend beyond regional borders, tapping into international opportunities. With a keen eye on growth potential, these diversified investments offer promising returns over the short to medium term.

By leveraging our expertise and strategic insights, we aim to optimize returns for our shareholders while ensuring a balanced and resilient investment portfolio.

Why Choose PROVEN Bank?

At PROVEN Bank, we prioritize your financial needs. With low fees, generous lending limits, and prompt customer service, we ensure a banking experience tailored to your requirements.

Your journey with PROVEN Bank is not just about transactions, it’s a commitment to personalized service and efficient decision-making. Join us and experience banking tailored to you, backed by a team dedicated to your financial success and actively investing in our community.

Don’t wait any longer! Experience better banking services with PROVEN Bank, including savings, fixed deposits, credit and debit cards, consumer and land loans, and mortgages – all designed to propel your life and finances forward.

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