We are an international life insurance company that offers wealth management and protection solutions to customers worldwide. Our approach is all-encompassing, perfectly described by the term “360,” as we provide superior investment, protection, and tax-planning solutions.

Our Story

At RL360 Insurance Company Limited (“RL360”), we’ve experienced remarkable growth, nearly tripling our market share over the past 5 years. From our headquarters in the Isle of Man, we cater to over 50,000 international investors worldwide, offering a range of savings, investment, and protection products.

Our substantial growth is underpinned by our commitment to security, reflected in our B+ Financial Strength rating from independent actuaries AKG – the joint highest in the international market.

RL360 represents a winning blend of a well-established, financially robust company with a unique structure fostering continual dynamism, innovation, and dedication to the international market. Owned by our senior managers, with significant private equity backing from partners who share our vision, our management team is deeply invested in the Company’s success, both personally and financially. It’s this unwavering commitment that distinguishes RL360.

Our roots trace back to 1991 when Scottish Provident International (founded in 1991) merged with Scottish Life International (established in 1996) to form RL360 at the outset of 2009.

Operating across the Far East, Africa, the Middle East, Emerging Europe, Latin America, and the UK, we maintain offices in the Isle of Man, Hong Kong, Lebanon, Malaysia, Dubai, South Africa, and Uruguay, with policyholders spanning 170 countries across the globe.

Our Services & Products

RL360 offers a range of life insurance, savings, and investment products tailored to meet the needs of expatriates, high-net-worth individuals, and international investors. These products include regular and single premium savings plans, whole of life insurance, and protection plans.

Why Choose Us

Customer service: we are known for our customer-centric approach, offering personalized service and support to our clients. We provides access to online account management tools, as well as dedicated customer service teams to assist with queries and account maintenance.

Investment options: RL360’s products typically offer a range of investment options, including access to a variety of funds managed by leading investment managers. Customers can choose from different asset classes and investment strategies to suit their risk tolerance and financial goals.


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