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At Stanford Knight & Partners, transparency matters. Our advisory team has been rooted in Vanuatu since 2004, specializing in various fields including digital currency, financial markets, administration, government policy advisory, tourism, property, and investment industries.

Vanuatu Citizenship by Investment

Embark on a seamless journey to acquiring Vanuatu citizenship through our renowned Citizenship By Investment Program. Enjoy the following benefits:

Fast-track Process

Obtain dual citizenship and a passport in as little as 4 weeks, granting you access to visa-free travel to over 100 countries.

Remote Application

Apply for citizenship fully remotely without the need to travel to or reside in Vanuatu, ensuring convenience and efficiency.

Secure Investment

Your investment is only payable after pre-approval by the Vanuatu Government and through an official licensed DSP agent, providing peace of mind.

Tax-Friendly Environment

Vanuatu imposes no corporate taxes, while its banking sector is internationally acclaimed, offering favorable financial opportunities.

Minimal Financial Disclosure

Enjoy minimal financial disclosure requirements, as the Vanuatu Government does not disclose your application to other governments, ensuring privacy and confidentiality.

Experience the advantages of Vanuatu citizenship by investing in a future of freedom and prosperity with Stanford Knight & Partners.

Why Choose Stanford Knight

With Stanford Knight & Partners, you’re in capable hands. Our team’s extensive experience and local expertise ensure smooth navigation through Vanuatu’s Citizenship By Investment Program. As the Government of Vanuatu’s Official Designated Agent, we offer comprehensive solution packages tailored to your needs, including assistance with establishing a residential address, utilities account, local birth certificates, and other necessary documentation.

Trust the recognized experts on Vanuatu Citizenship to guide you toward securing your Plan B.

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