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Say goodbye to tax worries and hello to peace of mind!

Navigating US tax planning and compliance can feel like wandering through a labyrinth of rules and regulations. Each business and investment comes with its own set of challenges and opportunities, making it crucial to get expert guidance.

Instead of relying on scattered advice from the internet or ignoring the issue altogether, it’s time to take control of your tax situation. That’s where I come in.

Hi, I am Stewart and I am your go-to expert for all things US tax and legal structuring. Whether you’re just starting out or already knee-deep in international investments, I’m here to untangle the complexities and ensure you’re on the right track.

As a US tax attorney and expat entrepreneur, I specialize in helping fellow citizens living or investing abroad optimize their tax strategies. Let’s face it, nobody dreams of jet-setting around the world only to be bogged down by tax headaches.

My mission is simple: to make your life easier. With over 15 years of experience, I provide tailored solutions to minimize your tax burden while keeping everything IRS-compliant.

Born and raised in the heartland of Midwest City, Oklahoma, and educated at Texas A&M University and the University of Houston Law Center, I’ve honed my expertise in tax law at top-tier firms like Kirkland & Ellis LLP.

So, what can I do for you? Whether you’re an expat entrepreneur, seeking international tax consultations, or exploring offshore IRA services, I’ve got you covered.

Let’s chat and put an end to your tax worries once and for all. Schedule a call with me today and let’s pave the way for a stress-free financial future.

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